Legend by Marie Lu

“Two prodigies born into different worlds, the truth will become legend.” Legend is centered on two 15 year old kids, living in Los Angeles, the capital Republic. Set in the distant future (2130) the United States no longer exists, in its place are two warring nations, The Republic of America and the Colonies. In a world that is constantly at war, June is a military prodigy born into an elite family. Day was born into a poor family in the slum sector, and is now the Republics most wanted criminal. While trying to steal a bottle of cure for the plague, a disease that has been ravaging the republic for year. during the robbery, June’s brother is killed and Day is blamed.  now June wants revenge, but what will happen when she realizes that Day isn’t the culprit. What will happen when she questions everything even her loyalty to the Republic.

Legend originally published November 29, 2011,  is a New York Times Bestseller and is book 1 in the trilogy. I asked 8th grader Camille what she thought of Legend. She liked how the chapters switched of from character to character, so you could see into both of their heads. I also asked if Legend reminded her of any other book or movie, and she said “At the time it kind of reminded me of the TV show Sherlock, and a little bit of Divergent. She also said it was “very good” and that she would recommend this book to others.

legend pic