Nanjing 2014 ready to open its doors to the world’s youth

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 3, 2014 – Beach volleyball remains on board to make a spectacular introduction at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games after the International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission (IOCOC) deemed Nanjing ready to welcome the world’s best young athletes after its fifth and concluding visit to the city.
Nanjing 2014 is the second Youth Olympic Games following the inaugural tournament, Singapore 2010, but the first to article beach volleyball. Volleyball was present in Singapore in 2010, when Cuba won the boys’ volleyball gold medal over Argentina, while Belgium defeated the United States to embrace the gold medal in the girls’ competition.
Nanjing 2014 runs from August 16 to August 28 and the beach volleyball competition will go from August 17 to August 27 at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park with 36 teams per gender, 72 teams in all, competing.
I interviewed one person asking them two questions, do you like volleyball, and would you join the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in if you can. Joseline said, “I don’t like volleyball because the passes hurt, and also because you fall and can get really hurt when you hit the ground or floor”. ”But if I had a chance to join the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, most likely I wouldn’t because I might get played on a lot”, commented Joseline.
Besides the IOC Coordination Committee there were one hundred and four Young Ambassadors and one hundred ninety seven Chefs de Mission representative of the 204 National Olympic Committees (NOC) that will take part in the Games present on the call on and they received a summary of the preparations for the Games from the Nanjing Organizing Committee (NYOGOC).

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