The top 5 shoes could be from any brand and to match with your shirts as well as your jeans. There are many stores to get your favorite shoes but which one would be the best for you in your opinion. There are Vans, Nike, Jordan, Converse, Pumas, Adidas, Marshalls, Hurley, Fila, UGG and Gucci. Most guys try to go for Jordan and Nike. The type of shoes that women try to get are, probably UGG. The shoes that I go for are Adidas, because they look nice and I only like it original.

I’ve interviewed my little brother on a Saturday at home and the way he thinks about shoes is,

“As long as you match your outfit and don’t look really bad your fine.”

I told him what type of shoes does he really like and he said that it might be Nike or probably Adidas. Adidas was invented by Adolf Dassler  in 1924 in Germany.

For shoes I like to keep it simple, nothing wired or with multiple colors or any ugly design, with shoes I would only like it with one or two colors. In the other hand, when it comes to shoes with women, they might either go for something simple with shoes or take a long time and buying multiple shoes off of one store and then go to another to see what they have on sale.

From other people’s opinion about the top 5 shoes may be Nike, Jordan, Adidas, UGG, and Vans.