The Walking Dead-Zombies Come Alive


You might have heard of this show called The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is a well-known survivalist show that has people trying to protect themselves against bloody zombies walking around fences.


Some of the main characters of the show is Rick Grimes, a full time sheriff that just woke up from a coma, Daryl Dixon, an excellent survivalist, and Glenn Rhee, a go to town expert. The Walking Dead TV series sets itself at a camp where they can practice their survivalist skills. The Walking Dead takes place in Phoenix, Arizona at the farm where they can practice hunting and airing the show.


This show has the new season five that just came out on October 29, 2013.  The season finale just came out on December 21, 2013. They’re trying to make the show with great suspense and compassion. It’s very interesting when the seasons come up from the original season.  As the show gets more interesting, people watch it more and more. A quote from William “The show is very interesting but its not always the zombies that are the hilarious ones.”


So you may ask, why is this show so interesting to people these days. Well, people want more suspense, and action to enjoy. The Walking Dead will have better seasons and also better episodes in the later years.


In conclusion, this show is very interesting to watch with the suspense and fear. It’s more of the actual survivors who fight for their freedom. If you’re not a comedy type of person you will probably like this show. So if you didn’t know what show to watch I would recommend this show.