The Renaissance Faire

Every year at Ldv there is a Renaissance faire. It’s an event where you can dress up like a knight or even a peasant. There are no special requirements for this event. The date for the Renaissance faire is April 11th and you will not have to dress up. A Renaissance faire is a festival in which relates to a historical period for the amusement of the guests. They will be having this event at the gym and outside next to the gym. There will be fun things like a blacksmith, getting your portrait drawn and they even had a donkey at last year’s renaissance faire. I don’t know if they will have it this year again. But most of these will not be free so be prepared to bring some money from home. I interviewed Tyler S. and asked him what he thought about the renaissance faire and what he liked the best. “I think the renaissance faire is a cool event where you can have a fun time with your friends and see what they did back in the past”. He also said “I liked the blacksmith the best because you can watch him use a mold and make cool rings and swords out of the metal.Image