March Madness, Who will win? 

Well, another tournament is coming up in basketball. Or should I say, college basketball. March madness is a Ncaa tournament for college basketball teams were they play in brackets to see who wins. Different teams have different brackets but can still play all teams eventually. The losing teams get eliminated throughout the bracket after they have not won. This consisted of four rounds so far with the third round just ending a couple days ago. Very few teams played in the first round but as the rounds got higher so did the number of teams get higher. Only 4 teams played in the first round then a total of 32 played in the second but only 16 of those teams won. On March 22nd the 16 teams played and you know only 8 of the teams made it out alive and proceeded to the next day. On March 23rd 8 teams came out and now the tournament is near an end, were the next day we get to see them play is on march 27th and 28th. The bracket consists of 2 teams and there are now 8 brackets. On March 27th we will be seeing Dayton vs. Stanford then UCLA vs. Florida. Later on that day we will see Baylor vs. Wisconsin and San Diego st. vs Arizona. The next day it will be Tennessee playing against Michigan then Kentucky an Louisville. After those 2 games UConn will go against Iowa state then Michigan vs. Virginia. I don’t really watch college basketball but the team I am hoping can come out with the victory is San Diego. Who do you hope can win? As I said earlier I don’t watch college basketball but I am sure there are many great teams that might just come out to the top. Breaking news! Today is now the 27th of March and the sweet sixteen bracket is going to happen today. The teams will also play on March 28th from the times 4:15 pm to 7:17 pm. As you can tell there is a total of sixteen teams. After all these teams play they will move onto a bracket called the elite eight, which will be 4 brackets of two teams each. The elite eight bracket happens on March 29th to March 30th and then the final four bracket begins. The final four bracket continues on April 4th and that will be one of the most anticipated brackets. The final four is most anticipated because it determines who will go to the championship game, which will be the most exciting match of the tournament. The final championship match will be held on March 7th but the time is unknown but it is confirmed that it will be in Pacific Time at an AT&T stadium in Texas. Lets get an interview out of someone on their opinions of the March Madness tournament and who they think will win.                                                                            Jesus:” who do you think will win the march madness tournament out of these teams; Florida, UCLA, Dayton, Stanford, Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, Connecticut, Arizona, SDSU, Baylor, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Louisville, Tennessee, or Michigan state?”                                                                                                Cousin: “I barely watch NCAA but when I’ve watched march madness the team that stood out the most was Florida “           Me: “ Why so ?”                                                                                         Cousin: “ They have been doing great and I’m pretty sure they are first in points so far.”                                                                         So that’s the March madness for you.