Hatty Hattington in BattleBlock Theater



This hilarious platform game created by the Behemoth (also creators of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers) published to the Xbox 360 Arcade April 3, 2013. The story starts off in the sea, a boat called the “S.S…Friend…Ship” sails off for looking for adventure and fun with the far most greatest friend on board Hatty Hattington. Weirdly the ship gets wrecked losing many friends but the player and Hatty land on a small island filled with cat guards who are EVIL. The cats put this weird red glowing top hat on Hatty and he sits watching you get put in prison to play deadly games to the death! “Why would Hatty do such a thing?” At this point on single player,  the player must collect gems to be set free or a gold top hat for an extra bonus 10 gems. With the spare gems the player can buy weapons to protect their self against other players or cat guards or  buy random cool heads. After a few levels on single player, all the cats start rioting not liking the way Hatty is ruling. The last level “The Vault” is the hardest level (obviously) where the player saves Hatty Hattington.Yaay! Also on Multiplayer there is many modes to play with friends and family which are: King of the Hill, Color the World, Grab the Gold, and more. Jayla P. said “It’ has a very funny story plot.” Nate T. “This game is fun, weird, and pointless. I should play it more often.” Battleblock Theater is a game for family and friends to play together just to have fun and a good time saving Hatty Hattington.