What do you think student council should do to make things better at our school?

student council ahfhfhewjhtWhat do you think student council should do to make things better?I interview 4 people and asked them this question. Natasha said “ I think we should have more rallies and more spirit days. Natasha also said that “ Dylan should get with the kids at the school and ask for their opinions.” I also interviewed Emma and she said “ they need to tell us when the spirit days are.” Emma also said that “ they need to keep their promises they made during elections, more activities, more fun things, and to get more with the school.Joseph said that “ More events where the Myst plays and more fundraisers.” Litzy said “more rallies,spirit days,more fun events like a concert where our band plays or the myst plays.” She also said “ more dances like a spring dance, a photo booth during lunch, and music during lunch.” She is also wondering where the prize is for wearing green on St.. patricks day. Litzy said that “ more fun activities and to interact with the student and ask the students what they want.” I hope student council takes this into consideration and fixes these problems.