On March 26th, the student council held the Leonardo da Vinci’s talent show auditions.  The auditions were held from 11:47 to 1:15 and 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.  The students at LdV did all kinds of acts.  There was singing, gymnastics, Irish dancing, hip-hop, ballet, people played instruments, and somebody played the guitar.  I interviewed some of the student council officers to see what their thoughts were on the talent show auditions.

I asked Eva if everyone made it in, and she said “There were very many talented people and yes, everyone made it.”  she also said “there were too many people who sang the song in frozen.”  I asked how long the talent show would be and she said “probably two hours.”  I also asked if she had any inside details for us and she said “ the people who auditioned with the song Let it go will probably have to choose another song for the talent show, and the talent show will probably be held on May 8th.”

I am very excited for the talent show because I am actually going to be a performer in the talent show.  I am the singer in the band MYST.  The MYST will be performing the song She by Green Day.  Everyone is very pumped about this years talent show!