World Cup

  World Cup is a sports competition between teams from several countries, in particular an international soccer tournament held every four years. This year the world cup competition will be held in Brazil for a whole period of four weeks starting from June 13th to July 13th.I asked how many people actually watch the world cup competition.


Many say “I don’t”, others say “what is that, like some soccer thing”, and only one person actually said they watched the world cup. Carmen S. said, “I actually did, it was mighty interesting”. Based on this I can say for sure that world cup is not the teens’ main priority to watch. Maybe international sports is just not a teen thing, I don’t know but anyways many people don’t want to put time into watching the world cup. But others just don’t know what it is.


My personal opinion on the world cup is I would love to watch it this year and catch up on last years news. Also I would want to distribute this awesome competition to the world so teens all over the world can experience what I will, excitement, worries, and awesomeness in almost 4 months…I can’t wait for it,its too long! ! !  world cup