LdV vs. SES


On March 24, 2014 both the boy’s and girl’s LdV soccer teams faced SES or School of Engineering and Sciences. It was our second time playing them and we both played well. The girl’s played first and we were playing an away game at SES, the score was two to zero at half, LdV was winning, Alexis D. and Trinity D. scored the first two goals.  During the second half we were scored on for the first time and our goalie Lauren T. was injured so, we put Kiana W. in. SES scored two more and then we scored twice also, (Tymiko P. and Carmen S.)  We won four to three and I asked Sienna C., a member of the soccer team, what she thought about the game, she replied saying, “ Communication wasn’t the best, heat was a factor, and people didn’t play their best.”


The boys played second and scored two in the first half; they were both scored by Luis M.  It was a very physical game but the LdV boy’s handled it well.  During the second half, Kyle W. and Daniel H., scored.  SES didn’t even have a chance of scoring the whole game and the LdV boy’s had a clean sheet, with a score of four to zero.  I asked Coach Todd, the head coach of the boy’s and girl’s team, what he thought of the game, he said, “We controlled the game well and the other team was very physical and aggressive.”soccer balls