Crazy Day

Friday march 28th is crazy day at LDV. On this day you can wear whatever you want (as long as it is school appropriate). You can wear tutus, crazy patterned leggings, color your hair or do your hair in any crazy way you want. This event is optional but I definitely recommend participating. The student council officers will be passing out tickets to all that participate in this wonderful spirit day. After you put your name on them, these tickets will be collected and at the end of the year, they will be put into a raffle for a super cool prize. I asked all the people i interviewed the same questions: What do you think of crazy day? and What are you planning on wearing for crazy day? Litzy said that, “It might be fun but its on a friday so we have to change for PE.” Litzy is planning on wearing a rainbow tutu. Natasha said that, “it might be a cool thing to do,” and she is planning on wearing a costume. Emma strongly disagreed with both natasha and litsy and said, “I don’t like it.” Emma will not be participating in crazy day. Joseph said that crazy day, “sounds pretty fun and interesting.” Joseph says that he is, “gonna wear a mask.” Remember, crazy day is friday the 28th so bring your craziest outfit and do your hair however you wantwacky-clothes