The top brands are needed to have the best styles, as they include shirts, jeans, jackets, sweaters and hats. Most people use the top brands to look nice. Others use different brands to fit in a group that are not really best for them. Some of the top brands are American Eagle, Express, Abercrombie and Fitch , Forever 21 , American Rag and maybe Marshalls, and JC penny.

I have interviewed other people and I asked them on a Tuesday in school about how people wear their style and Tymiko P. said

“Style isn’t really about being popular, its that most people want to be one another to kind of fit in. And some others convince people to fit in that group of having the same brands.”

For my opinion I would say that some others be themselves and wear something nice that fits good on them. Any new styles might be jean jackets, leather boots, and slim jeans. Another tip of a style is to maybe wear some black shoes, slim blue jeans, a white Am. Eagle shirt or could be any white t-shirt  that will look nice on, with some black sunglasses and a nice  hair cut.