Every year, Ldv hosts a talent show for everyone from kindergarten and up, to show their talent to the school. The kids who go up and show their talent are brave and willing. You don’t have to do the same thing everyone else is doing, the LDV talent show is to help bring out your inner unique talent. The talent show auditions are being held by the student council in the LDV gym on March 26th at lunch.  Some students practice all year, singing, dancing, acting, and more, just for the talent show auditions.  Last years talent show was amazing, many elementary kids sang, and danced their hearts out! From last years performances, many elementary and middle school students were inspired to try to find their inner talent. These talent shows help inspire and teach elementary kids to find their inner talent and bravery. The LDV talent shows really help make the LDV experience.

I interviewed some elementary students to ask their opinion on the talent show and their expectations for this years talent show. 5th grader Sofia says she is very excited to sing in front of the whole school. Sofia’s expectations for the talent show were simple, she knew everyone would do great no matter what. Another fifth grader named Audrey was very excited for this years talent show. She said she hoped to do good and she thinks many people will be singing in the 2014 talent show. In all, the talent show helps inspire and build confidence in kids, this is worth seeing.