ninja turtles         As of March 17, 2014 the  Leonardo da Vinci science class started to sell caramel apple pops.  The science class was selling the candies so they could buy a pet turtle.  Many of the kids like the caramel apple pops, so the sales were done by March 19, 2014.  I interviewed Mr. Androlowicz about some of his thoughts.

 I asked him how long he wanted the class pet, and he responded “All of one month”.  I also asked him what type of turtle is it and he told me “it is a three toed box turtle”.  I finally asked him the question bothering me.  I asked do you trust that the kids will take care of the turtle and he said “Yup, because it has a hard shell, so it is practically indistructable and that is important”.  Many people are very excited for a new pet and can’t wait until it gets here.

The turtle is going to arrive as soon as the pet store gets a baby turtle in stock and calls Mr. Androlowicz to come and pick it up. There are four names that the kids have to vote for still.  Leonardo, MichaelAngelo, Donatello, and Raphael.  The science class is so excited!