Mine’n Time

                                      minecraft           Minecraft is a 3d game for Pc, Android, and the Xbox 360 created by Markus Persson aka ‘Notch’ originally released May 17, 2009 in London. This game lets the player build their own world of different colored and textured blocks. It also has two different modes which is survival and creative. In survival you start in a random spawn on the map, either in a jungle, snow land, grass land or even a sandy shore. From there you gather resources to make other blocks, tools, armor, swords, and food. Also when night hits, ‘mobs’ come out which are monsters that attack in groups some of which are exploding creepers, arrow shooting skeletons, flesh hungry zombies, and more. In creative mode, you have all infinite supplies and can build anything and fly. Emilia I. said “It is not just a game,it’s a way of life…” and Ariana S said “It’s amazing and you can build things likes houses, traps, and castles.” This is a fun game to play on multiplayer with friends and family, going on adventures and mining for iron, gold, and of course diamonds. Also animals will be scattered across the map so you are able to make a farm with cows, chickens, pigs and tame wolves that help fight off mobs ( except creepers ). Minecraft is an awesome game to play.