Its Science Fair Time

Its Science Fair time again. The annual science fair takes place April 4th through April 10th. It’s open for anyone to view after the judging. Anyone may enter the Science Fair as long as you’re in grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Any student can enter one or more projects. There aren’t any special requirements but your teacher may have you do one. So you should ask him/her before starting. The experimental science projects must follow the traditional eight-step scientific method. The first step is selecting a problem of interest. Next is state your problem as a question. After that you would have to make a hypothesis. Then you will develop and describe your methods. When that is done you have to have a control. When that’s all over your will have to start your experiment. Describe your results and make a conclusion that is based off of your results. But there are some safety issues. You will not be able to bring live animals, poisonous chemicals, venomous biting or disease carrying animals and many more dangerous things. Also there wont be any 110-volt power plugs available. Some students may be competing for 1st place or just to have fun. I wonder who will come in first, second and third.

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