Family Guy-Great Comedy

This comedy-based show consists of 12 seasons and hilarious “road to” episodes; the road to episodes have Brian and Stewie go on adventures to different countries, and to different places. The main character of the show, Peter Griffin, is an Irish-American man who has three kids: Stewie, Chris, and Meg. Peter hates Meg; he makes fun of her, plays jokes on her, and ignores her. Brian Griffin who is the dog of the family likes to be independent and human-like and talks like a real person. Now we go to Stewie Griffin; the one-year-old baby who is always trying to find ways to blow up the world, and to kill people he hates. And Chris Griffin who is the idiot of the family, has an “evil” monkey in his closet, and doesn’t want anything to do with it. Lois who is Peter’s wife, like to be normal and cool while Peter is always messing up with different things. Lets go to Peter’s friends, Joe Swanson, Cleveland Brown, and Glenn Quagmire, (formally known as Quagmire) who like to meet at the Clam, the famous establishment in Quahog.   Here are some quotes from some classmates; “Stewie and Brian are the best characters’,” says Ti’Ana “How can they make such great characters” says Joshua   The Griffins live in Quahog, Rhode Island,

In my opinion this show is very fun to watch, and also to see how a fictional city can be presented in television. It different from other shows because it uses characters to act like different things for example Brian acts like a total human but in reality, he is a dog. So if I was to rate this on a website I would give it five stars.