What’s Yours?

What is yours?

Many people have different personalities, they all think different,they all like different things. Like we all like different colors, style of clothes, food, and even sports. So I did a survey on what two international sports would you choose out of the five given. Their choices were soccer, skiing, football, basketball, and volleyball. After I interviewed 10 people I concluded that most of then like Basketball and Football, but the following people choose different sports.

Mrs. Sidley said, “I don’t really like these but I’ll choose skiing”.

Other than that there was only one more person who had a different opinion.

“Out of the two I’ll choose this (soccer) and this (volleyball)”, said Carmen S.

My personal opinion on this topic is the best two international sports are volleyball and soccer, I think this because they use two completely different body parts and are both very athletically advanced.

Of course like I’ve said before all people think, act, and like different things. But even if people think differently we can all decide one thing for sure, and it’s the fact that people want basketball and football as their international sports. I hope this will change the way you looked at international sports and people’s opinions about them.

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