Looking for Good Mexican Restaurants?

I know that Mexican food is delicious. There are a lot of authentic Mexican restaurants to choose from. Oscar’s is highly recommended by a ton of students at LDV. So what is your favorite place to eat? Well, I interviewed Litzy for this topic, and here’s what she thought.

Me: What type of food do you like?

Litzy: Mexican.

Me: Can you tell me what some of your favorite restaurants are?

Litzy: Well, there’s this new one, it’s called Nena’s. And La Soga Taqueria and In and Out.

Me: What is your favorite food to order there?

Litzy: Molcajete and nachos with like meat and stuff.

Me: If I was looking for a good restaurant to eat at, what would you recommend, other than these?

Litzy: It has Chinese food- Asian Blossom.

So, if you want Mexican and you trust Litzy, try these restaurants! (The last question is meant for people who don’t want Mexican). I did some research to find out the price ranges for these restaurants.

Nena’s: $11-$30

La Soga Taqueria: Under $10

Asian Blossom: Under $10

Just keep in mind, some of these restaurants will most likely be out of business, so you gotta visit them while they are still around.