Google Assembly

During 1st period on friday there was a assembly, put on by google, in the auditorium about internet safety. First they talked about passwords then played true or false. Many kids had different opinions on how the assembly was. “It was not the best because is was boring,” said Juliette. “I mean its good to inform kids about internet safety, but do it in a more fun way.” Julian D. thought differently and said, “It was pretty fun because we had a game show most of the time and they showed us facts about what you could do online in order to be safe.” Eva said that, “the girl with the french fries in her nose was funny.” Carmen agreed with Juju and said that “I already knew most of the stuff they said so it was very boring.”

Google gave us t-shirts that said “you are what you share.” These t-shirts where passed out in Mr. Androlowitz’s class for middle schoolers. Quin said that the t-shirts where “colorful and inspirational.” Juju said that the t-shirts where “stupid because they were see through and way too big.” We will have more assemblies in the future about how to stay safe online.