Ailin’s Post : LDV Events

There’s going to be many, many events coming around April and May at LDV. The first event that is coming is the science fair. It will be open April 9th 6:00pm to 8:00pm.Another event that’s coming is the Renaissance Fair in April 11th. I interviewed Ms. Diane and she said, ‘’The Renaissance Fair is very fun, people dress up many guests come.’’ I myself have never been to the Renaissance Fair, but from what I’ve heard, I’m pretty sure it will be very fun. There’s going to be animals, a queen from the renaissance period, a blacksmith, artists and much more. But the best of all is spring break April 14th-18th. Who wouldn’t like a break from school, homework and projects. Once we get back there’s going an assembly and a cow is going to be brought, I can’t wait.There’s also to be fantastic 5 de Mayo assembly. Way to bring and share the tradition from Mexico. Also, in May 16th there’s going the Mother Son dance. There’s going to be food music and pictures. I am sure I haven’t yet gotten down all of the wonderful events that they prepare but there will be much more this and next year.