Last summer the city of Sacramento inaugurated the new Sacramento Soccer Team to the republic of Sacramento and these falling months they were having issues about the Stadium they needed to play at because each team needs their own soccer stadium. The issue that was involved was where they decided to put the stadium either in Cal Expo or Elk Grove. They came to a conclusion on March 3, 2013 that they were going to build the new stadium in Cal Expo. They said they would build a $3 million dollar stadium in 2 to 3 months to have an 8,000-seat capacity. Also with some of this money they would build food stands and will have drinks for all people to have and enjoy the game. I think Cal Expo would be a great place for the stadium because it will be located on the California State Fair grounds and about 2 miles from Downtown Sacramento and this would be an awesome place for tourists to go.


I interviewed somebody about how they felt about having a new soccer stadium in Cal Expo.


Me: “Where did you want the stadium to be built in: Cal Expo or Elk Grove, and Why?”


Joseph: “ Cal Expo because it has more space to build it and it is closer to my House.”


Me: “Are you excited about this stadium and are you looking forward to go watch the Sacramento Soccer team in their new stadium.”


“ Yes, because Sacramento finally has a soccer team I can support.”