Balclutha Then and Now

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe 2014 fourth graders are preparing for their trip on the ship called Balclutha. Balclutha is located in the sunny docks of San Francisco, California. The trip is to be a live experience of what life was like as a sailor in 1886.  They will be spending one night on the ship, and then leave the next day. Their class is split into 5 crews; the galley, the deckhand, boat crew, boatswain, and rigger crew.  They train every week, learning new knots, recipes, and anything that will help them and their crew on the ship.  On Balclutha actors take the places of the captain of the ship, 1st mate, and the 2nd mate. Each one of them will take one or more of the crews and practically test what they learned.  The trip is an amazing learning experience for younger children. I have interviewed two 3rd graders telling me why they are excited for Balclutha trip. Third grader Cordelia W. tells me she is excited because she gets to spend the night on a ship, and is very excited to eat the food on the ship! Declan, another third grader says he is excited for the trip because he has never been on a ship before! As you can see by reading this article, this is a popular and exciting trip that helps children get one on one learning experience.