Need Fun? Add Bowling.

Need Fun? Add Bowling.


            On February 13th, the middle school students went on a field trip to the AMF Land Park Lanes.  They walked instead of driving there.  In case you didn’t know, the AMF building is a bowling alley.  There were fourteen available lanes to the middle school students with five students in one lane.  Only a select few were eligible to attend the Academic Celebration.  The bowling alley had a snack bar including pizza, candy, beverages, and hot dogs.  The special bowling shoes were free for the students attending the field trip.  We had about three hours to bowl, play at the arcade, and to eat.

I have interviewed Caden about his experience at AMF Land Park Lanes.

Did you enjoy the bowling field trip?

Caden: “Sure”

What was the best part of the trip?

Caden: “Bowling”

Do you enjoy bowling?

Caden: “Yes”

From Caden’s and my experience, we can say that AMF Land Park Lanes is a fun place you can go to with your friends and hang out!  The food is good, and bowling is always fun, especially when you play with your friends.  So come on down to the AMF Land Park Lanes, grab some balls, and get a strike!