Grades Compete In Quarter Crusades

For the past week at LDV (February 3rd -11th) students have had the opportunity to participate in the Quarter Crusades.  The Quarter Crusades are a fundraiser for our school, specifically for the new technology.  Students were able to participate in the Crusades by placing quarters in their grades canisters at lunch, each quarter was worth 25 points and the grade with the most points at the end of the week wins a doughnut party; also, if each student brings in at least $5, Miss Dianequarters .  But there is a catch, teams were also able to “crush” other grades by depositing other types of money into their canisters; each was worth its own value in negative points (ex: penny= -1pt, dollar= -100pts).  This factor added some challenge and fun to an otherwise boring fundraiser.  This also sparked some rivalry between grades and added to the fun; soon each class was coming up with their own strategy to win.  One student told me that their class’s strategy was to “save up all their quarters until the last day, then put them all in at once,” they also said that (unlike other fundraisers) this fundraiser was actually a fundraiser.  At the end of each day the points were tallied up by the Middle School Publications class and submitted to Ms. Ballard who is running the Quarter Crusades who would then announce the top three over the loudspeaker.  Due to an unknown reason, the winner has not been announced yet, leaving everyone asking the question: “Who won the Quarter Crusades?”  Listen for announcements over the next few days if you want to find out.