Dr. Suess’s Birthday

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Do you remember reading Green Eggs and Ham or Horton Hears a Who? Or perhaps not precisely these books but others as well by Dr. Seuss. Even though these books aim at a younger audience, you are never too old to these wonderful books. Sure you might not find these books to be funny but you are never to old to pick up a book and read to a child. Which is why you should participate in Read Across America (Dr. Seuss’s birthday) by reading to a child. Read Across America will be on March 2, 2014. But here in LDV will be on February 28, 2014. And it is called Read Across the School Day. On this day a volunteer or volunteers will either read to each classroom or in the auditorium. They will accept people who know will want volunteer or will be willing to volunteer.  This event will be a great exercise for kids and it will get their attention in being interested at reading. All the kids from lower grades seem to be interested in this event. I interviewed on of the teachers from lower grades and she said it was a great idea for children to get interested in reading. cathat