Boys and Girls Soccer Practice Being Combined for the First and Last Time

This week, February 9, 2014, The boys and girls soccer team have started practicing together for the first and last time. Practices were Tuesday & Wednesday for the boys and for the girls. This was because there was a holiday on Monday and coach Todd was going out of town. But, coach Todd thinks it didn’t work out as well and so now it’s going back to just boys and girls practicing separately. I asked Daniel H. how he felt about the boys and girls teams combining for practice, and he said, “As long as we learn how to do the moves, I’m ok with it.” I was ok with it too, but it’s the coaches decision. I also asked Parker S., Mason A., and Allyssa V. how they liked the boys and girls and boys team practicing together.

Parker S.  “It didn’t make much of a difference.”

Mason A.  “I don’t know, it was like any normal practice.”

Allyssa V. “It was normal and it was like any other practice.”

It also came up at practice on Wednesday, coach Todd would like to start practicing at Sutterville. He said this so we don’t have to cancel anymore practices and we can still play in the rain without tearing up the field. The only thing was that we would have to jog to Sutterville like last year. I’m sure everybody would be fine with it so we don’t have to we don’t have to cancel practice just because it rained the day before or something.