A pro-team recruiting young teenagers?!?!

In Colorado the professional soccer team “The Colorado Rapids” is recruiting the young players in Colorado and any local state player to join their academy and to train them as hard as the professionals would train. Their academy teams are put to the test and it is very hard to join. Going to other states into extremely challenging tests each academy for every age group.

Every age group gets 4 days of training a week and they all get to be able to train with the real professionals and play with them, just not in an actual game obviously.

Every player has been sent by a coach to try out for the team or the actual coaches come and scout the players to see if they should come and try-out for the team in every beginning of spring and fall . The Colorado has a great program and should be looked at by every parent that has a child that plays at a competitive level and is the best in their club or just on the team it is expensive about $1,400 just for the competitive team but the actual academy team is $2,250.

I interviewed my fellow soccer teammate on my competitive soccer team his name is David.

I asked, “Do you think that the Colorado Rapids team will be good?”

David answered, “ I think that they will be a challenge but we can hold up or win fairly easily and that we could just about beat any team as long as we stayed positive and not get mentally unfocused every team should be possible to beat.”