Is the lego movie worth watching?

Is the Lego Movie Worth Watching?


Last week I had teased the lego movie that just came out last Friday. I will now tell if it is worth watching or if it is not.

First of all its lego! Who dosent love legos?  I will now tell you the good. First of all the movie kept up its fast paced action and was very smooth at transitioning. Also character wise it was really nice. The characters all showed different personalities and awesome character development. The visuals also looked very nice. At first it seems to be all stop motion, but its all animation done by the awesome people at Animal Logic. There was also some live action but I wont get into that because you’ve got to watch it yourself! Sadly there is a bad part of this review. The movie seemed short. There wasn’t much that I could think that was bad. In my opinion I think the movie was a very exciting and a worthwhile movie to watch. Devin H., a lego fan watched the movie and said “I loved the movie because there was Morgan Freeman in it!” As you can see, people love the movie. You should go see it and I know you will love it too!