How Was the LdV Valentines Dance?

The winter dance wasn’t so good and not many people came. Most people weren’t looking forward to the Valentines dance. I asked Cielo if she was looking forward to the valentines dance and she said, “no”. Now after this great valentines dance  lots of people will be looking forward to all the rest of the dances. Last Friday Feburary 7 was the LdV Valentines Dance. It was an awesome dance. Lots of people came and danced. The photo booth was a real success. Annie A was our photographer. Lots of people took pictures together. The Myst came and played lots of songs and everyone rocked out to them. Citali P. also sang a song. She was really good. Lots of 8th graders came this time so it made it way more fun. Everyone  danced in circles together and everyone also danced the dance we learned in PE  at the same time. I asked Billy T. If this is as good as the dances in the past and he said, “Yeah”. I asked Leilani how was the dance and she said, “It was awesome because everyone was actually dancing and me and Eva had so much fun at the photo booth.” Thanks to Kid Neon for great music and great djing. The food was really great. We had pizza, cookies, brownies, candy, chips and more. The dance crew decorated the auditorium really well with hearts, streamers, and balloons. This valentines was really great! valentines-day-dance-logo