The Yacht Club!

Just to start out clear the yacht club is the same thing as the

solar regatta club. The group leader for the Leonardo da Vinci yacht club is Mr. Scarpa. The yacht club takes place in Mr. Sirard’s classroom or the science lab on Fridays. Mr. Scarpa is thinking of making a shutter fly account for the Ldv yacht club. The yacht club has received 4 solar panels from SMUD.The yacht club has started constructing the stand for building the boat.

The instructor Mr. Scarpa decided to build a trimaran boat. A trimaran boat has 1 main base and two wings branching out to sturdy the boat. The trimaran has a long narrow hull and the two stabilizers (wings). The main, long narrow hull is about 18 feet long and 3 feet wide. Mr. Scarpa said, “The trimaran is designed to be stabilized and easily maneuverable. The trimaran is built like a racing skull, which is built for speed. Our design should be fast and stabilized.” Mr. Scarpa’s goal is to reach 10 knots. Like I said before the yacht club is looking for more volunteers. The trimaran has more parts than some other yachts. The yacht club needs as much helpers as possible to get the trimaran finished in time.