Technology Overhaul

macbookThis year at LDV, some major changes are happening in terms of technology.  Before this year, the only technology accessible to the students was the computer lab, and the computers in there are ancient!  But this year everything is changing, the school is slowly making improvements to the technology, some of which are already in place such as the MacBook airs; in order to find out more about this sudden leap in technology I interviewed the assistant principal Mrs. Ballard who seems to be at the head of this influx of technology.  The goal is that, by the end of the year, we will have new computers in the computer lab, as well as MacBooks, and ChromeBooks.  So far the school has three carts of MacBooks (103 overall) that teachers can check out for their class to use.  The district gave us them on December 18th, right before winter break.  Any grade can use them (even kindergarten), so if you haven’t used them yet ask your teacher to check a cart out, they can be a lot of fun and a good learning resource!  When asked why the sudden influx of technology, Mrs. Ballard explained that we will soon begin taking tests digitally and students will need better computers than the ones in the computer lab.  As for the better PC’s and ChromeBooks, Mrs. Ballard said that they have already gotten an anonymous donation of PC’s for the computer lab, and all they have to do is install them, whereas they are still working on getting funding for the ChromeBooks with fundraisers like the Quarter Crusades.  Besides the need for testing Mrs. Ballard would also like the classrooms at LDV to be more modern, and technology friendly; she said “I hope students are enjoying the technology and it will extend the ITI curriculum,”  Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that LDV has already become, and will continue to be, much more technologically advanced.