Quarter Crusades

January and February are busy months for the student council representatives. They are hosting the Valentines dance on the 7th of February for the middle school. We are also making Valentines Day candy grams. You can by them at lunch and afterschool for 50 cents. Another thing we are working on is the Quarter Crusades. It is an all school event. Everyone has a container in their room where students donate quarters. Other students can go in and put nickels, dimes, pennies, or dollars and bomb them. For every quarter you get 25 points. So if you had four quarters and I put in a dollar I would bomb you and you would lose all your points. You can plan with your class to hide the container but it still has to be accessible. We are working with Ms. Ballard the Vice Principal of LDV to raise money for technology. We are updating the computer lab with newer computers and have MacBook’s that travel from class to class and a couple of i-pads. I asked Cielo M. and Cece S. and Leilani H. what they think about the quarter crusades. Cielo said, “It doesn’t make sense.” Cece said, “I think its a fun way to raise money for our school.” Leilani said, “I love to give my money away!” So many people are so excited about the crusades! We hope to get more technology so we are raising more money and doing the Quarter Crusades to make it fun.  pile-quarters-6829506