Legos, Legos, Legos, Galore!

Do you love legos? Do you like movies? Well there is the perfect movie coming out for any lego fan. The new Lego movie is coming and it is starring Chris Pratts, Elizabeth Bank, and Will Arnet. It takes place in Lego city and where Lord business (Will Ferrel) is trying to glue the world together, but Emmet, a average construction worker is mistakenly thought to be the master builder. He and his new friend Wyldstyle has to stop Lord business. In the movie there are some characters that have made appearances all over in the Lego universe! There is C-3P0, Batman, Han Solo, Lando, Abraham Lincoln, Green Lantern and even Gandalf. This movie is going to have lots of Action and Excitement. The movie is coming out very early in the US on February on the 7th . It is Fairly close to my B-day so I plan on seeing it. When it comes out on the 7th will you see the movie.? Robert F., a 5tH grader wil be seeing it. He answered when I asked him if he would be seeing it and he replied” Ya, I really want to see it because it has all the cool lego people like Gandalf.” Obviously a kid friendly movie, you would expect many more people to watch it. See you guys next time!the_lego_movie2014