John F. Kennedy High School

John F. Kennedy is a public school located in the heart of pocket greenhaven. Kennedy offers many different programs that make students want to attend this school. This school offers many AP classes, Business and Multimedia (BAM), Health Education Law and Marines (HELM), Technology and Design (T&D), Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), and what John f. Kennedy high school is mainly known for is their program called P.A.C.E which stands for Program in America and California Explorations. I interviewed Billy t. H. and he said he was planning on going john f Kennedy. Billy says Kennedy is close to his home and he also loves their academics and has applied for P.A.C.E, he also thinks that CKM’s HISP programs gives you more homework and he plans on joining other programs and activities like wrestling, the robotics club which is (T&D), and marching band “Kennedy has the best band because Mr. Hammond is the teacher”. Billy says the programs between McClatchy and Kennedy are the same but P.A.C.E is all about California and McClatchy’s H.I.S.P focuses on the whole world. The P.A.C.E applicants get to go on fun field trips over the summer, and visit universities like Sacramento state University I happen to know some students who have graduated from LDV who are in the P.A.C.E program at Kennedy and have said great things about P.A.C.E and the school John F. Kennedy.