I Didn’t Do It: TV Review

I Didn’t Do It is Disney Channel’s newest comedy teen sitcom that premiered on Friday January 17, 2014. The pilot episode received 3.9 million views! The series follows 2 competitive twins, Lindy (played by Olivia Holt) and Logan (played by Austin North) as they enter high school with their 3 best friends: Jasmine (played by Piper Curda), Garrett (played by Peyton Clark), and Delia (played by Sarah Gilman). The episode, to me, was really funny and had a good plot. In the beginning of the first episode Lindy and Logan try to explain to their parents what happened to their babysitter, why a goat is in their living room, why the house is covered in foam, why pizza is falling from the ceiling, and why a snake is under their couch. Lindy and Logan explain with a series of flashbacks leading up to their parents getting home and seeing the mess in the house. Logan decides to have a party to impress the seniors, since he’s only a freshman, and Lindy wants to have a party (which she called Lindy-palooza) so she could get the attention of popular senior jock Seth Wall. They decide to share a party, but then Mrs. Klasby (their babysitter) tells them that their parents sent her to “make sure they don’t get to any trouble”. But Mrs. Klasby falls asleep, making Lindy and Logan think that she’s dead. Lindy tells Logan that they should cancel the party and call the paramedics, but Logan suggests that they still have the party. Lindy calls the paramedics and tells them that Mrs. Klasby is “dead”. The paramedics tell her that it’s going to take a while for them to get there, so Lindy and Logan have their party anyway. In the end, Lindy finds out that Seth Wall is actually a jerk, that Mrs. Klasby isn’t dead, and that their grounded for 6 weeks. I asked Litzy S. what she thought about the show, “I like the show, it inspired me to have a goat at my next party!” The next episode will be on Sunday January 26, 2014 at 8:30 pm on Disney Channel. Watch it!

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