Valentine’s Dance

      Got nothing to do on February 7th? Come join LDV’s Valentine’s dance! On  February 7th will be a valentine’s dance for middle school only. It’ll be in  the school’s auditorium and you will have to pay for entrance, $3.00 per person. The food is free and there’ll be music from kid neon. Plus, a photo- booth so you can take pictures with your friends. So why come to the dance? Well because you will have a great time hanging with your friends and can  enjoy the food. And if you have attended other dances you’d know this will be fun. I asked Priscila M. If she was coming to the dance and said yes. She  also replied that she was looking forward to it because the other dances were fun, and this one will be fun for sure. I personally would want to go to the  dance because it’s sounds like fun but can’t. Many people have been talking about the dance and they all said they would go, so you don’t want to  miss out on an event like this. So remember to come join LDV on its valentine’s dance and you’ll have a great time.