Ping, Pong, Ping, Pong.

ping pong chop

That’s what you hear when you walk into the Didion Table Tennis Club.  They play on Friday nights from 6:45 to 9:15 PM and anyone is eligible to play.  Everyone from beginners to professionals play there!  It is run by James and it costs ONLY $5 for so much fun!  So grab your paddles and balls, and come play with us!

I interviewed William to see what he thinks about it.  William said, “I think table tennis is fun and enjoyable because it is a challenge.”  He said that he likes the Didion Table Tennis Club because the wooden floors there are “nice”.  “Most of the players at Didion are nice, but there are a few I don’t like”, said William.  William is getting older and he has a certain back pain when he plays table tennis.

Christian had a very different opinion about table tennis.  “I don’t like table tennis because people always tell me how to fix my problems when I play.” said Christian.  “What do you think about Didion Table Tennis?”  Christian replied, “I do not know anything about Didion except for playing table tennis there.”  Christian said that if he could change anything about table tennis and its rules, he would make himself “always win”.

From what I have heard, I can say that Didion Table Tennis Club is a great place to go if you ever want to learn or try table tennis, A.K.A ping pong.