New DLC!!!

How many people have been waiting for some kind of new dlc to come out. It’s been a whole year since any new downloadable content has come out, it’s already 2014! A lot of people have been especially patient for the new map pack to come for COD: Ghosts. The new map pack is called Onslaught. The maps included in this dlc are called Fog, Containment, Ignition, and Bayview. Also, they’re continuing the story of extinction with a new map called “Episode 1: Nightfall.” This map takes place in Nevada, and is probably connected to Nuketown from Black Ops. This continues where we left off on the first map on extinction called “Point of Contact.” This map has a new weapon, which uses the alien, scorpion’s tail pods as ammo. The gun is green and really weird. The thing that most people are excited about is the probably the map fog. If you pick up a glowing field order, you turn into Michael Myers and get an axe to destroy your opponents. Come on Battlefield, step up your game! Another thing people are really excited about is a new gun called the Maverick. It’s a sniper and an assault rifle, with a scope similar to tracker sight but without the tracking. I asked Aaron A. about how he felt about this, and he said that the new gun and the Michael Myers map are probably the coolest things made in COD. There are also new aliens in extinction like the jumper, which turns invisible when it jumps. Also there is a new boss in extinction, which is the biggest boss they have ever made. It’s a giant spider like creature that stabs you in the back and picks you up with its tail which is awesome.