Fifth Graders Making iMovies to Help Out

This trimester at LDV, the students in Mr. Maroldy’s 5th grade class are making movies to support a cause they care about.  The students are working in pairs to make movies using the iMovie app on the new MacBooks.  The students had to choose a worthy cause that they would like to support; the cause also had to be something that affects more than just their class but that they feel they would be able to make a difference in.  I interviewed Mr. Maroldy, the teacher of the class, and he told me that the purpose of making the iMovie’s is so that the kids can feel like they’re making a difference and, at the same time, learn to use technology.  He told me that the students are supporting all sorts of causes, such as getting another sports team at the school or improving the school garden.  The idea was that the students would choose causes that are big enough that they would affect people other than your classmates, but small enough that you can actually make them happen.  For example: getting a new projector for your class wouldn’t affect anyone outside of your class, and petitioning for world peace is too big of a task and your efforts would have little effect; whereas, improving the school garden is both doable and will affect a large group of people.  Mr. Maroldy said the point of this project is for the students to learn that when choosing a cause, to choose a cause that is both important and possible.picture2