Are You Going to the Valentines Dance?

On February 7th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. student council will be hosting a Valentine’s dance in the auditorium. It’s just 3 dollars to get in. At this dance we hope more 8th graders come because last dance only a couple came. We have incorporated Billy T. and Mathew as our 8th grade representatives so 8th grade feels more involved. I asked Billy T. How can we make this dance as good as dances in the past? He said, “Tell people to come and start dancing yourself. If people dance it’s fun, if people don’t dance its awkward.” We will have great food, music by our DJ Kid Neon, a photo booth, and more! I asked Grant the treasurer, what have you done to make the dance great. He said, “Making a photo booth and were trying to get a live band.” You can even request your own song from Kid Neon. We hope more people dance next time instead of sit around and talk or go on their phone. We hope all middle school students will come to the dance to bring up middle school spirit. I asked Chloe B. if she’s coming. She said, “yeah.’ Then I asked her what does she think would make the dance awesome? She said,” music, like recent music that is in.” I also asked Hannah who came to the last dance and what would make the dance better? She said, “More people coming.” Our Student Council Dance crew will be setting up the dance and parents will be donating food and supplies. In our dance crew we have: The four reps, Emily, Rose, Kianna, Cielo, Cecelia, Billy T, and Mathew, Leilani, the DJ crew, and any more people who want to help out. We talked to some 8th graders and they said last year’s valentine’s dance was really awesome. We are using ideas from that to make this dance as awesome as it can be! We have put up posters about three weeks before the dance and are going to pass out fliers to all the middle school students to let them know about the dance. We hope you all will come to the dance and have a great time!valentines dance