Woah! Solar Regatta!

This event is open to all middle schools, high schools, and universities from Fresno to the northern California border. SMUD will loan the solar panels and will help organize the teams. Competitors can either build from  existing boats or build their own design from scratch. The boats will be judged for speed, distance, maneuverability and more. High Schools and Middle Schools race on Friday, May 16, 2014. The three races are speed, slalom,and endurance.
Different competitions
• Best Design-Mechanical
• Best Boat Design
• Best Sustainable
• Best Design
• Best Drivetrain
• Spirit Award
• Best Video
• Judges’ Award
• Best Middle School
• Speed
• Slalom
• Endurance
• Presentation
• Cup

The LDV Solar regatta team is still excepting sign ups and right now they are fundraising for their materials. Mr.Scarpa, their instructor decided to create a hull instead of buying one. Mr.Scarpa decided to create a hull called a Trimiran. A Trimiran hull is a hull that has one main bigger base and two smaller bases on the sides. LDV’s Solar Regatta team still has to fund-raise for an electric motor, a battery engine, safety equipment, and tools. Mr.Scarpa said,” The Solar Regatta club is a great, and fun learning experiment.” For more information about the Solar Regatta competition go to: