She lives for the applause. Give it up for Lady Gaga.

Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or better known as Lady Gaga is the most known pop star since 2008. Ever since she signed a deal with Def Jam Records she created hit singles like ‘Just Dance’ and my favorite song “Poker Face’, and that’s why I’m writing about her today. For this interview I asked Julia R. for a few opinions of her own, I asked her what she liked about her she said that “She makes cool songs. I like them because they make me feel better” Then I asked her what favorite song did she like that Lady Gaga made she says “My favorite song is You and I because it’s fun to listen to. I asked her lastly what she disliked anything from her, she said “I don’t like her style of clothing, it’s kind of weird. So there you have it she is mostly liked for her music but not her choice in clothes. For me it will always be for how she takes her time helping others with The Born This Way Foundation helping teens stop bullying. Well that’s all for today, see you next time. DaniP