Third Grade Entering New Unit: Imagination

The third grade classes at LDV are beginning a new unit on imagination soon.  To find out what this unit is all about, I interviewed Ms. Johnson, a third grade teacher.  She said that the purpose of this unit on imagination is to teach the students that imagination is not just make believe and play, but also a “creative tool” that has many real world applications in  jobs and careers.  This unit will go on for six to eight weeks, and the plan is to teach the students to value and use creativity in the real world.  The students will also be doing several imagination-related projects throughout the unit such as writing about their imaginary birds, building mini robots, writing poetry, and writing their own science fiction book.

I interviewed some of the students in Ms. Johnson’s class to see what they thought about the whole thing.  Many students are excited and enthusiastic about the new unit and are looking forward to it, while very few students did not seem interested.  When I asked the students what they would like to do in this unit, many responded by telling me about all sorts of imaginary adventures and fun things; while this is interesting and fun, it isn’t exactly the purpose of the unit.  As Ms. Johnson told me, the purpose is to teach them that imagination is a “creative tool” not just fun.  However, some of the kids did seem to get it, here are some of the things they told me: one said, “[imagination is] so you can do whatever you want when you grow up,” another student told me, “[imagination is] fun because you can make anything you want and it doesn’t have to make sense,” and another student told me, “[this unit is] so your imagination can keep growing.”  As you can see, the students had a lot to say about imagination, even if it’s not exactly what the teachers are trying to get them to.  Either way, you can be sure that the students are excited about this new unit.picture1