The Shakespeare club I’m going to be talking about is not a club were you are acting in front of an audience. Mr. Sirard said,The Shakespeare club is a great place to learn about Shakespeare and modern Production of Shakespeare.” The Shakespeare club is going to start sometime in March.The Shakespeare club is only a middle school activity. In the club we will be acting parts out in plays, learning plays and theaters, watch movies about plays, and sometimes go see local plays. The club will see about four plays a spring.The Shakespeare club is a club that will get you ready to go see shakespeare plays in Ashland, Oregon.

Towards the end of the Shakespeare club we will take a long road trip to Ashland, Oregon! The drivers will be parent drivers and the drive will be about 300 miles away. The road trip will be about $225 although the price will be lowered through fundraising. the school will act out the Shakespeare play called “The Tempest.” When we are in Ashland we will go to the Oregon Shakespeare club. At the Oregon Shakespeare festival we will see 4 different plays:
1.Into the Woods
2.The comedy of Errors                                 
3. The Tempest
4. The Cocoanuts