Sacramento Republic FC

Did you know that Sacramento, home of the Kings, is getting a soccer team! YAY!!!  A lot of people have been waiting for a soccer team in Sacramento for a while now, and it’s finally here!  The name of the soccer team is Republic FC.  The coach is Predrag Radosavljevic and it was founded by Warren Smith.  The team is going to be made up of young enthusiasts that love soccer.

What do you think about Sacramento getting a soccer team?  Well, that is why I interviewed Nathan.  Nathan said, “I think the Sacramento soccer team is going to be good.”  Although he thinks that it will be a good team, he doesn’t care enough to attend any of the games that will be going on.  Nathan says he wants the team to make Sacramento “popular”, but who doesn’t!  What he means by that is that he wants people to think of Sacramento as, “OOH! I want to go to Sacramento to watch that awesome soccer team play!”

To help make this soccer team popular and famous, they need YOUR help to attend the games and earn a lot of money for the team to move on!SACRAMENTO