Martin Luther King Jr. Day


   On January 20, will be Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday (another man in great history). This also means we have no school on this particular Monday. Martin Luther King fought for his rights to become equal as one and not judge depending on skin color or race. Slavery had already ended and African Americans got the right to be treated equally. However many people ignored this law and some southern states passed a different law that separated blacks from whites. Martin Luther King was one of the many who fought for equality. They boycotted, protested, and he gave one of his most famous speeches to have a persuasive effect on others. Then on July 2nd the Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964. It forbids discrimination and racism against people who are skin colored, where their origin nation is, their race, etc. We honor him on his birthday. I asked Paulina R. if she thought Martin Luther King Deserves great honor. She replied, ”yes.” I asked why and she said, ”Um, he stood up for what he believed in and is a very good role model to kids.” I agree with what she said because standing up for what you think is correct takes a lot of courage.