LdV Basketball Team

Basketball is a great thing, especially when it’s your school team, or your favorite team that you are rooting for. The LdV basketball team is a great way to spend time. Both teams are really good and they are a good way to spend after school time. They are free to attend and there is a snack bar available until the end of the game.  The LdV basketball teams are always positive, and never give up. The last game was Thursday 1/09/13. It was a good game. Boys played first, but sadly lost. Joseph A. started off with the first 3 pointer of the game, giving the Dolphin’s the lead. Then the girls played and they won. Everybody has a good time when they show up and the games are definitely worth going to. There is so much excitement during both games, especially when they win. The crowd gets really loud, and everybody is cheering the teams and each other on. The LdV basketball team plays every Tuesday and Thursday. The girls play first on Tuesdays and boys on Thursdays. The first game starts at about 3:30, and goes until about 4:30. The next game starts at about 4:45 and ends at about 5:45.basketball