C.K. McClatchy High School

McClatchy offers many programs in their high school, but many people apply for HISP (Humanities & International Studies Program). HISP was founded in 1985 with having a core curriculum that thoroughly prepares students for college. Many people who plan on attending C.K. McClatchy apply for HISP. In order to apply for HISP at McClatchy you first need an application form, and then you need star test scores, your language arts teacher recommendation, and another current teacher recommendation. McClatchy has many other programs and activities that make students want to go to McClatchy such as, Air Force junior ROTC unit CA-841, Criminal Justice, Law & Public Policy Academy, and Regional Occupational Program. As for sports McClatchy’s basketball season just started both junior varsity and varsity of men and women. Wrestling and rugby also both started because they are winter sports as well. I interviewed Camille D who plans on attending McClatchy’s HISP program. She thinks HISP is a great challenge for her and she enjoys writing which is kind of what HISP is about. She also stated that HISP is not just about turning in an application and hoping you get in, you have to prepare for an essay which you don’t know about. McClatchy is in her district and her older sister attended the HISP program. Camille plans on joining the marching band and thinks “If you’re planning on going to C.K. McClatchy and you’re not in HISP you should go to Kennedy because Kennedy has more academic programs than McClatchy.